MSNBC reports that Sony has bought inFamous 2 developer Sucker Punch outright. Sony did not disclose the figure for which it bought the developer.

Sucker Punch's absorption into the Sony Empire is just the latest in many acquisitions by the entertainment giant, following Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet) last year; Evolution Studios (MotorStorm) and Bigbig Studios (Pursuit Force) in 2007; and Zipper Interactive (SOCOM) in 2006.

Sucker Punch was formed by ex-Microsoft employees in 1997, and its first title Rocket: Robot on Wheels was an N64 exclusive. Since that time, though, the studio's games, starting with 2002's Sly Cooper, have only been seen on Sony platforms.

"It's just been such a productive and enjoyable relationship for us that I think in all of our discussions the only group we really seriously entertained doing this kind of a transaction with was Sony," said Brian Fleming, managing partner at Sucker Punch.

"Worldwide Studios puts a really high value on groups like Sucker Punch that can successfully develop new intellectual property," added Scott Rohde, senior vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios America. "The bottom line is, when you've got a group that's been as successful as Sucker Punch, we want to ensure that we keep them in the fold. It's that simple. It's hard to find high quality developers like these guys."

You probably weren't expecting to see a Sly Cooper or inFamous game on the Xbox 360 anyway, but now it's definitely not going to happen.

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