Just one in five small businesses know how much money they spend on printing, says Samsung Electronics.

Research by the company revealed that despite this, 83 percent of businesses still claim 'cost' is a key factor when purchasing printers. The survey also highlighted that 15 of firms own 11 or more printers, while a third claim they produce 100 or more prints every day.

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According to Samsung, businesses should investigate their printing spend in a bid to reduce costs and survive the recession.

Steve Pearce, marketing manager at Samsung Print commented: "With companies looking to cut costs where they can right now it's amazing to see that print costs seem to have been totally overlooked".

"Effectively managing the use of printers can contribute significant savings to the bottom line - be it through reducing IT support and repairs or the cost of consumables. The whole document ecosystem needs to be considered, and that's why we're working closely with all our business customers right now to help provide them with our most cost effective print solutions."

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