When you try to picture what the office of the future will look like, it's hard not to imagine an army of cynical robots, each to a man doing a far better job than I could ever dream of doing.

Electronics manufacturers Kogan don't seem to have the same self deprecating view as me though.

Kogan see the office of the future in a more practical, space saving fashion. They claim 'the Internet is causing the world to change at a rapid pace and this includes the work environment. If you look at the workspace of any business 10 years ago, you will find a cabinet with lots of files, a big desk with mounds of paper on it and a lot of general clutter. Today, this is replaced with just one tool: a laptop.'

So cock-sure are Kogan that they have seen the future of offices, they've gone and created 'work pods' that they think will be the future of work space around the world. And while they look a bit of a pain to negotiate yourself into, they look a billion times better than your average ikea office desk and chair.

Kogan seem to have thought of everything. The all-in-one office of the future comes with built in heating, back massager, speakers, USB and SD slots and a laptop stand. The best of all, we think, is that even though everything is within an arm's reach, the 'work pods' still come with a remote control. 

There is a downside though…these are only prototypes and you can't buy them yet. Typical!