Yeah baby, we're number one. According to the iPass Mobile Broadband Index report, almost 30,000 Wi-Fi sessions were used in London in the second half of 2007.

Now, some people claim that Wi-Fi is dangerous to users' health (check out the flat-earthers who posted on this blog) causing headaches, nausea and general irritability. But as a long-term resident of London, I'm glad to confirm that general narkiness has always been a feature of our great city. And the sickness is mostly self-inflicted.

Mobile web browsers in London use almost three times the number of Wi-Fi sessions as the next biggest Wi-Fi-using city - Singapore. And that London figure represents a whopping 150 percent growth on the same period in 2006. Go team.

Not surprisingly airports and train stations account for a lot of Wi-Fi hotspot action, as harassed business travellers try to get online to 'work'. Indeed, Heathrow has the fourth busiest Wi-Fi hotspot in the world.

The Mobile Broadband Index survey is regularly compiled by iPass, a provider of Wi-Fi and mobile broadband connections.

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