Although sales and critical reception of L.A. Noire couldn't have been better for Team Bondi, the fallout regarding their labor practices continue to dramatically harm the company. According to Kotaku Australia, the studio's reputation has suffered so much, that they're looking to merger with another group altogether to avoid putting their name front and center. That group in question includes Dr.D Studios and Kennedy-Miller Mitchell Films, both of which are co-founded by famous filmmaker Greg Miller (of Mad Max, Babe, and Happy Feet).

With Rockstar severing their ties to Team Bondi in light of developers revealing harsh working conditions and improper accreditation practices, the general consensus is that several publishers would rather not work with them.

From the source:

One verified source working at Dr. D, George Miller's animation studio, claimed that multiple members of Team Bondi, including Brendan McNamara himself, were seen getting a tour of the Dr D offices.

"Brendan McNamara was seen walking through the buildings of Dr. D yesterday, where Happy Feet 2 is being made," claimed our source.

According to the source this bothered some Dr. D employees, many of which were ex-Team Bondi employees.

"Because Dr. D is filled with former Team Bondi employees who left due to the abusive work conditions," the source continued, "this unexpected visit was quite... unsettling -- to put it mildly."

Another verified source, from within KMM, claimed that it was broadly known within the company that George Miller himself was incredibly impressed with Team Bondi's efforts and McNamara's refusal to compromise his artistic vision in the face of deadlines.

This matches with the claims of the source at Dr. D.

"The word is going round that Team Bondi is being folded into KMM studios, Team Bondi is pretty much doomed after the scandal and can't find any new supporters, so by doing this they can hide their name."

At this point, the only speculation we have is if what's left of Team Bondi can survive without rebranding. It's obvious that the higher-ups in the company are sure that even an L.A. Noire 2 wouldn't sell well with their damaged public image. Curious.

[Source: Kotaku Australia]