Forget the relative merits of Intel's and AMD's PC and server chips, many visitors to shows such as Computex have been more interested in which of the world's top two computer processor makers wins the controversial PR wars.

It's not uncommon for AMD, for example, to pull stunts at Intel's IDF conference to grab attention from its rival - AMD often books a conference room near to the all-Intel event and places advertising around the IDF venue to distract business partners and journalists from Intel's message.

But it's Intel that's winning the PR wars at Computex this year. On the walk between Hall 1 and 2, Intel is outperforming AMD by 5 to 1 in the helium balloon advertising benchmark - there are five Intel-sponsored balloons to AMD's one in the Taipei sky.

But the Intel marketing team will be most pleased with advertising inside the halls, and even AMD's booth isn't safe. AMD is proudly showing off various new technologies in Hall 4, including its quad-core processors, but a few metres away the wall is dominated by Intel's propaganda. The advert, which takes up a whole wall, boasts 'Intel: the world's first quad-core processor for mainstream servers'. Not quite the message AMD wants those who've just seen its new Barcelona quad-core chip to see once exiting the AMD stand.

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