The guidebook for Apple Geniuses has appeared on the web and it offers an interesting insight into their training.

The training manual reveals the following enlightening lessons:

What Apple Geniuses should/shouldn't say

What not to say


What to say

Unexpectedly quitsDoes not respondStops respondingConditionIssueSituation

What Apple Geniuses do

Show empathyDeal with emotional behaviorGuide every interactionDeepen and restore relationshipsHelp them discoverEnrich their lives

Apple's guide to body language

Body language clues

How to tell if the customer is cooperating

Sitting on the edge of chairHand-on-the faceUnbuttoned coatHead tilted


Hand to chestTouchingMoving in closer


Short breaths"Tsk!"Tightly clenched handsWringing handsFist-like gesturesPointing index fingerPalm to back of neckKicking at ground or an imaginary object.


Drumming on tableHead in handBlank stare

The Apple Genius phrase book

"I may know how you feel"

"I can see how you'd feel that way"

"I can appreciate how you feel"

"I felt the price was a little high, but I found it's a real value because of all the built-in software and capabilities".

There are more juicy snippets in the Genius Handbook, uncovered by Gizmodo.

Apple has seen 300 million visitors to its 375 worldwide retail stores since October 2011, the beginning of its fiscal year 2012. The company also gets 50,000 Genius Bar visits every day.

Apple has been considering ways to make the Apple Stores more profitable for some time, according to reports.

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