Never let it be said that PC Advisor leaves any stone unturned in the never-ending quest to unearth the latest hot technology stories. While lesser publications focus on such trifling matters as Apple iPhones and Intel Penryn chips, we've learnt that the world's first user-interactive, automated car park is to be built at Heathrow's Terminal 5. Make that Heathrow Terminal 5.0.

Not for future London Heathrow passengers the jet-lagged quest to find the ******* car. When it opens in March 2008 the T5 short-stay car park is going to be stuffed full of technical innovations that will bring light to the life of even the most cynical business traveller.

Chief among these techno marvels is Heathrow's unique 'Finder'. No, it's nothing to do with Mac OS X. Instead, when you return befuddled from foreign climes, you will simply slot your ticket into a machine, and immediately CCTV and number-plate recognition technology combine to point out EXACTLY where your car is parked. How's that for search, Vista?

And that's not all. On arrival the T5 car park will guide you to a valuable spare space. Each bay will be fitted with a sensor-led system, and a system of lights will show you where to go - so to speak. And don't worry about having to speak to a surly youth in a luminescent tabard when you're late for a plane - automatic number-plate recognition means that pre-booked passengers will be automatically whisked through to their designated space.

The future's here (well, it's about 25 miles west of here), and it's covered in tarmac.