A new organisation to help IT directors and managers reduce the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure has been launched in London.

Figures from analyst company Gartner show that the energy from the manufacture, distribution and use of IT equipment pumps out around 2 percent of total global carbon dioxide emissions - about the same amount as the airline industry.

The Green Technology Initiative wants to help UK businesses cut carbon emissions from energy used by their IT equipment by providing a forum where IT managers can share best practice and pool their knowledge and experience.

The industry-led group, whose founder members include Cisco, EDF Energy, Carrenza, Global Crossing and Saatchi & Saatchi Interactive, will concentrate on the environmental impact of powering, cooling and operating IT equipment.

It aims to demonstrate how working practices can be changed and efficiency of equipment improved using existing technology to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions.

Dan Sutherland, acting chair of the group, said: "The Green Technology Initiative is focused on education and about being green today, not tomorrow. This is not about offsetting or costly restructuring. It is about tackling the core problem and successfully reducing energy consumption in IT."

He added: "Under the principle of 'green by design' the initiative will educate and share IT efficiency and infrastructure design best practice so that IT directors will be able to invest in IT that's smart for their business, as well as smart for the planet."