Snow's frozen water, right? Well, the addition of a few inches of the stuff has caused all of the south east of England to grind to a halt.

Microsoft is wont to tell us, work is a thing you do, not a place you go. But going by the hordes of workbound drones who were unable to even get inside tube stations this morning, that message clearly isn't getting through. Perhaps today's hassles and harrassments will have some impact on that.

What do you need to work? Really? For most of us it's an internet connection and a phone line. Indeed, in the post-Google Docs world, we don't even need desktop apps.

How many of us don't have broadband? Even if you haven't got a hard wired phoneline, you've got a mobile, right? So why not work from home?

Of course, much of the point of being in the office is the direct communication with colleagues and clients, but on a day like today there's precious few of those to be seen. The first half hour of work this morning was so quiet as to be lonely. So why does disruption to transport cause such chaos, and cost so much lost business? Why didn't more of us stay at home?

I rather suspect that with the weather due to deteriorate further, many more people will do exactly that tomorrow, and they may realise that working from home has plenty of benefits. (How many of them actually do any work is a moot point.)

As for me, I'll see if the satellite TV starts working again before I make my decision.

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