EMC will train more than 1,000 Wipro staff in the use of its storage technologies as part of an alliance announced by the companies today.

EMC becomes the latest of several big technology vendors to partner with an Indian outsourcer to deliver services to customers worldwide. The partnerships take advantage of the low cost of providing services from India, as well as the considerable client base of Indian outsourcers.

The partnership with Wipro, of Bangalore, is the first by EMC with an Indian outsourcing company. As part of the deal, the companies will also jointly market their products, with Wipro offering pre-sales, delivery and development services to customers.

"Ours is a technology play, while Wipro's is a services play in this partnership," said Sanjay Mirchandani, EMC's senior vice president of emerging markets and international development.

Besides the US and Europe, the companies will target the growing Indian and Middle Eastern markets, where EMC sees a big opportunity for its products, and where both companies are already making significant investments, Mirchandani said.

In March, EMC partnered with the Indian training company NIIT to train storage professionals in 32 countries, including India.

EMC has its own services organisation, and Wipro and EMC are working out the details to avoid competition between their respective services divisions, Mirchandani said.