The Danish national police have dropped an IT project known as Polsag, that had been under development by CSC and involved delays and cost overruns.

The Minister of Justice informed parliament of the decision on Friday.

The system was being developed by IT giant CSC and had been hit by years of delays and increased costs of hundreds of millions of dollars.

CSC declined comment until later in the day.

Polsag has been eight years in the making. The project began in November 2004, with an agreement to modernize police systems.

In January 2005, politicians in parliament gave the green light to the project, and in late 2006, the police were ready to sign the contract for the final development of Polsag.

The price was expected to be approximately US$153 million, but with delays the project became increasingly expensive.

In late 2010, a document indicated that costs for the project had risen to $425.2 million.

Representative of the police were unavailable for comment.