Every piece of technology uses energy, and energy costs money. Some gadgets are more consumptive than others, and PCs can be the worst culprits. A guide released to coincide with the Live Earth concerts taking place around the globe offers 77 energy-saving tips to help us reduce our impact on the environment.

Here are a couple of suggestions that relate to the world of computing and actually make sense financially - so if you don't want to come across as a lefty-liberal, you can reassure yourself that you don't believe any of that mumbo-jumbo rubbish about global warming, you're just saving money!

Host a teleconference using your webcam: Instead of sitting in your car on the M1 for three hours, actually make use of the technology around you - you'll save money on petrol, have more time to prepare and reduce your impact on the earth in terms of CO2.

Go paperless: If you're the kind of person who prints off every email you receive, 'just for your records', STOP NOW! An alternative is to schedule a regular backup of your mail folders. Likewise, keep your PDFs on the screen - that's where they are designed to be viewed and as paper makes up around one-third of all waste on the planet, if you do need to print documents, make sure you recycle them when you're done.

For more energy- and money-saving tips, buy the Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook by David de Rothschild.

Go green and save money

Go green and save money