In a press release issued this morning, revealed that the biggest sequels of the year all have significantly higher preorder figures than past entries in the series. By far the biggest difference is between Battlefield 2 and this year's Battlefield 3, with an increase of an enormous 2,302%.

Other notable figures include Gears of War 3 (216% increase over Gears of War 2), FIFA 12 (325% increase on FIFA 11), Arkham City (349% increase over Arkham Asylum) and Modern Warfare 3 (321% increase on Black Ops' figures). The closest rival to Battlefield 3's jump in preorders is Uncharted 3, with a 488% increase over Uncharted 2.

Despite the huge increase in preorder figures for Battlefield 3, still predicts that Modern Warfare 3 will beat it to become the biggest selling video game of all time on the site.

"We have already started seeing a great deal of excitement about the major video games launches for Christmas this year and that can be seen by how many people are preordering those titles," said video game manager Liz Hosmer.

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