The story "ADP wants more than your payroll," which ran on the wire Wednesday, characterized an upcoming mobile product from ADP as a suite. It is not a suite, according to the company, it is an application.

The second paragraph, and the fifteenth to seventeenth paragraphs, have been corrected on the wire and now read as follows:


In July the company will release a mobile application that allows employees to check their pay statements, benefits and other data from a smartphone. The application will also let workers clock in and out from their phones, using geolocation data to make sure they are actually at work when they do so.

Fifteenth to seventeenth:

The mobile application is also a step in that direction. The payroll function let employees scroll through pay statements and view data such as gross salary and taxes paid to date, as well as manage benefits and other tasks from a smartphone. It will be good for employers, Capone argued, because it will let workers perform tasks themselves, without having to bother the HR department. And the application will be secure, he said, because no data is stored on the device. "Nothing resides on the phone, everything is in our data center," he said.The application is in pilot testing and will be offered for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices, Capone said. He expects it to be offered for no charge as a "companion app" to the Web-based applications.