Adobe and McAfee have joined forces to create technology that uses digital right management (DRM) in a bid to stop data being leaked.

The two companies hope Adobe's expertise in digital rights management and McAfee's data-loss prevention technology can be combined to restrict access to documents based on how the documents are classified. That can help companies better protect information such as intellectual property and regulatory compliance data, the companies said.

McAfee and Adobe did not provide details of the new product, but plan to disclose more at McAfee's Focus 09 security conference, which will be held in Las Vegas next month.

However, the general capabilities of the planned product seem to combine features found in Adobe's LiveCycle Rights Management ES software and McAfee's NNetwork DLP Discover product.

As part of the partnership between the two companies, McAfee's Security Scan will be offered as an optional download for users who install Adobe's Reader and Flash Player software.

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