A US woman has been sentenced to two years in prison and five years of supervised release for aiding a Nigerian cheque scheme.

Edna Fiedler, from Washington, pleaded guilty in March to attempting to defraud US citizens by sending in fake cheques to people who had agreed to cash the cheques on behalf of the sender, keeping some of the proceeds and sending the rest back.

The Nigerians found people willing to cash the fake cheques via email. They would send their names as well as fake documents that looked like Wal-Mart money orders, Bank of America cheques, US Postal Service cheques and American Express traveller's cheques to Fiedler. They told her how to fill out the cheques and where to send them.

In total, Fiedler sent out $609,000 worth of fake cheques and money orders. When US Secret Service agents investigating the case searched Fiedler's house, they found additional fake cheques worth more than $1.1m that she was preparing to send out.