In addition to what I was telling you yesterday about the vulnerability in Windows that Microsoft hasn't yet patched (look here and here), I bring further news. Beware of an email with the subject line 'Vandalism Over the New Year', supposedly sent by a Professor Robert Gordon of Yale University.

It might be the random capitalisation in the subject line, or the fact that the recipient, the editor of PC Advisor's sister title Macworld, has nothing to do with Yale (or vandalism, he assures me) that gives it away. But the link contained within the text does not take you to photographs of damage on the campus that occured over the festive period. Instead, it starts to download a dreaded, and presumably infected, WMF file to your PC. Of course, the recipient being the editor of Macworld, he works on a Mac, so this attack was about as effective as shooting a tank with a spud gun.

So while the ladies on Macworld laugh at us PC users and our susceptibility to this kind of thing, it's down to me to warn you lot that this is just one of many dozens of emails going around. McAfee reckons that seven percent of its customers have been exposed to malicious files that exploit this vulnerability. ScanSafe Services estimates that there are more than 50 variations of the threat. And be wary of instant messages, too – they are also being used to spread the malware.

You have been warned. I daresay there'll be more news on this today, so keep 'em peeled.