The generation gap isn’t as wide as it can sometimes seem. According to a survey by Global Security Systems (GSS), some fifty percent of kids will have spent their time at school today interacting on Facebook and Bebo rather than in the playground.

And we adults are no better: another survey conducted by GSS in tandem with the Infosecurity Europe trade show, found that the recent popularity of social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo , is costing UK corporations close to £6.5 billion annually in lost productivity.

Good to see our kids’ formative years are being well-equipped for the tricky transition to adulthood.

Amusingly, the startling statistic about how many kids are wasting valuable schooltime throwing sheep at one another and indulging in virtual races came to light when GSS head David Hobson gave a talk to 13-year-old pupils at his local public school – only to learn that every single one of them had whiled away the time while he was pontificating updating their profiles and popularity ranks on Facebook.

Good to see those thousands of pounds ensuring every school child has a laptop is being put to worthwhile use, eh?