Tanium has pulled in another $52 million in venture capital and is upgrading its endpoint software platform so it's easier to tell it what to do and for it to gather threat intelligence from third-party platforms.

The company got the latest investment from Andreessen Horowitz, bringing total investment in the company to $142 million. It says it will use the money to help it innovate and grow faster and to make a push into the largest enterprises.

A new version of its Endpoint Platform software agents and server for systems management and endpoint security can now scale to millions of endpoints supported by a single server. The platform can perform routine IT operations chores software distribution, asset discovery, compliance monitoring and the like as well as gather intelligence to discover intrusions. A new capability is evaluating versions of software on endpoints and distributing software patches within seconds or minutes, the company says.

One of the company's major claims is that the platform can give visibility into any endpoint within 15 seconds, which it says is 10,000 times faster than other endpoint tools.

It can use threat intelligence such as indicators of compromise from third-party platforms and look for them on endpoints. If it discovers malware it can report what it finds to staff or other platforms such as SIEMs, the company says.

Tanium Incident Response is a new feature that can find and block attacks that can use a combination of sensors and responses to threats that come standard with the platform and custom sensors and responses.

Endpoint Platform 6.5 has a more friendly natural-language parser that supports more complex queries than before, making it possible to ask one complicated question rather than asking a series of questions in order to get at the same information.

The new features are available now and are licensed through annual subscriptions per endpoint.