Symantec will unveil software designed to make mobile computing as bullet-proof as possible at the CTIA Wireless this week.

The company will unveil a suite of mainly client products based on software licensed from Bluefire, a security firm. One of them will be Bluefire's recently unveiled standalone client product called Bluefire Mobile Security. The software is designed to block unauthorized access to handhelds and their data used by mobile professionals, field staff at small-to-midsized businesses and even consumers.

Bluefire Mobile includes a firewall, intrusion prevention, authentication and encryption components, borrowed in part from the company's enterprise product. The application can be set up to require a username and password to access the device as well as its applications and data. It supports Windows Mobile 5 and other Microsoft variants such as PocketPC.

It can work with Bluefire's separate Mobile Security VPN product, which was updated in Version 2.7 released early in March. The new version supports X.509 certificates and additional mobile phones, and includes some changes to make it easier for administrators to configure and set up the client on lots of handhelds.

Bluefire Mobile Security costs $50 (£30) in the US. The Mobile Security VPN product is priced at $79 (£43). One year of support is a separate fee, 20 percent of the purchase price. Volume discounts are available.