For the past couple of years, we’ve been using Cloud capabilities in our daily lives without even realizing it. Although the term “Cloud” was first used to describe a network of computers working together for a specific task, it has evolved into something entirely different – an infrastructure capable of offering the most effective security without impacting your device’s performance.

Cloud – A Must-Have When Choosing Your Security

For us, the Cloud is the ultimate mass consumption tool as it provides everything from music and video streaming to file backup and sharing. But for leading security software suppliers, the Cloud is essential to secure your locally stored sensitive files and protect your online privacy.

As threats began spreading across the internet at the alarming rate of more than 400,000 new malware samples daily, traditional security was deemed unfit to fend off the rising tide.

By leveraging a Cloud infrastructure, security software ensures that as soon as a threat is discovered anywhere in the world, the update is automatically pushed to all Cloud users. In other words, regardless of where you are in the world, you will be protected in just a few seconds. 

Bitdefender, a fast-growing security software provider, portrays the benefits of their global security network, built on a powerful Cloud infrastructure.

Little to No Performance Impact

Besides the obvious security boosts, relying on Cloud allows a security solution to handle much of the processing weight triggered by local antimalware scanning engines and improve the overall performance of PCs.

While many traditional security solutions had the unwanted effect of clogging up performance, today’s security is based on Cloud technologies, ensuring minimum performance impact or battery drain on mobile devices, without compromising security.

This includes everything from downloading software to online gaming or simply browsing the Internet. If you’re using a security solution from one of the best security vendors, you’ll benefit from their Cloud protection without you even knowing it. 

“You are safe before the outbreak actually bursts”

One company that is focusing on Cloud innovation to help protect our devices is Bitdefender. The company does this in conjunction with advanced machine learning algorithms to identify threats without compromising PC performance. This allows Bitdefender to protect users incredibly fast with pinpoint accuracy, even against unknown or extremely dangerous types of threats.

Bitdefender is the owner of a powerful security-centric Cloud infrastructure that reaches close to 7 billion requests each day, while providing a 3-second worldwide response time. Make no mistake, time is of the essence when it comes to security and stopping online threats.

“For instance, imagine uncovering a malware-disseminating website in the Philippines. Feeding that information to the Cloud and updating all worldwide Cloud-connected users with information about that particular threat will keep them safe and away from being infected,” says Chief Security Strategist Catalin Cosoi. “

The same holds true for any type of identified threat, as Cloud-connected users will receive instant automatic updates whenever necessary, ensuring they are safe before an outbreak actually bursts.” 

Cloud Security For Everything

The use of the Cloud to protect your desktop, laptop or mobile will increase in the coming years. And Cloud-centric security solutions will become increasingly effective at interpreting malware intelligence from around the world and protect hundreds of millions of users globally from even the newest threats. So choosing a security solution that relies on a powerful Cloud-based infrastructure means that your day-to-day activities will only get more secure, whether you’re aware of the technology behind the innovation or not. 

This article is brought to you in association with Bitdefender