In a blog post published yesterday, Sony Online Entertainment once again thanked the community for its patience as it worked to resolve the security issues following the recent hacking of both PSN and the SOE servers. It then detailed the compensation players will receive for the frustration they have experienced, but still hasn't revealed an exact date when services will be restored by, giving the usual "a few more days" estimate.

All impacted players will receive 30 free days of game time plus one additional day for each day the system has been down. Most of SOE's games will also provide in-game items, special events and rewards, a summary of which you can find on the announcement post.

Those who hold a lifetime subscription account for any of SOE's games will receive in-game currency: 20,000 coins for Free Realms, 7,500 Galactic Credits in Clone Wars Adventures or 10 Marks of Distinction for DC Universe Online. Station Access subscribers will also receive 500 Station Cash to spend on microtransactions.

The company also said that like affected PSN customers, US-based SOE account holders will receive complimentary enrolment in an identity theft protection program through Debix. Sony hasn't yet announced equivalent plans for non-US PSN or SOE account holders.

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