Make your computing experience more secure with these downloadable tools.

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Big Brother is watching you

Use your webcam as a surveillance camera with SurveillizCam Lite, which offers a basic video-recording function. The Lite version can't perform scheduled recording, but does offer motion detection and password protection to prevent tampering.

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Unslurpable data

Podslurping, where data is stolen using a USB storage device such as an iPod or thumb drive, is becoming a serious concern. USB Lock AP prevents data theft through your computer's USB ports, floppy disk and optical drives. There's a free 10-day trial, after which it costs £12 inc VAT.

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Ecryption subscription

Disk Password Protection 4.8.928 allows you to encrypt entire hard drives or individual partitions to prevent unauthorised access. A password is needed to gain entry. Plus, this £27 program's boot protection option lets you specify that your PC boots only from a protected disc.

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