I discovered a very good satnav security tip the other evening (in a pub, obviously). And it's advice that might just save you from a very nasty experience.

Apparently, the latest criminal trick is to nick a car, then check the glove box or under the seat to get the satnav (obviously). Next the villains root around in the car for some house keys (we all do it). Finally, the wrong 'uns simply switch the satnav on, tap the 'Home' button and, hey presto, your very own empty house to rummage around in.

So, as handy as it is, if you're tempted to use the 'home' feature… don't! Just put your address in the memory as something memorable only to you. And maybe it's time the producers of satnavs created a password-protected home function.

There'll be loads more handy tips on satnav security in the May 07 issue of PC Advisor.