McAfee predicts by 2016, there will be 200 million malware in the ICT ecosystem. Let's not talk about the existing 16 million different pieces of new malware swimming all over organizations' systems. Perhaps this is why McAfee has gone beyond the "Antivirus" space to provide proactive solutions of collective intelligent framework to protect organizations from malware.

These security frameworks give organizations a different approach on how to best handle their security platforms. They set optimized systems to take care of security threats. "Most organizations are still at the reactive security stage; this means they spend 3% of their IT budget putting out fires", says Alex deGraaf, McAfee, CTO, EMEA.

Alex says organizations need to move from being reactive to security issues to proactive / compliant then elevate to optimized solutions. He sensitizes that the attack surface in organizations is extending at an alarming rate, especially with close to 500 million embedded devices are in use today in different systems. This is a big threat.

Now that companies are allowing employees to use their own devices on corporate network, good technology fosters careful handle of corporate data and information. But even organizations have robust end-point security and establish rigid policies about employee use of their own devices; data security will never be 100%. "Bring your own device" mindset becomes the biggest security control threat because organizations can't really control different devices in use by their employees.

Not achieving 100% security for company data and information calls for deep research and innovation on viable solutions. McAfee controls organizations' remote devices with ePO + Intel's AMT endpoint security. The solution provides secure and remote security management access to PCs that may be powered off or disabled. ePO Deep Command utilizes Intel vPro Active Management Technology (AMT) to deliver beyond the operating system management, reducing security operations costs while enhancing system security posture.

Using Intel vPro AMT, ePO Deep Command enables secure remote access regardless of the PC's power state so security administrators can remotely remediate compromised systems, enable energy-saving initiatives, wake systems, and apply proactive security.

McAfee also introduces the "DeepSAFE", a next generation endpoint protection engine that today's enterprises can explore. It took two years for the company together with Intel, to research on this product. DeepSAFE sits beyond the operating system and close to the silicon, allowing McAfee products to gain an additional vantage point in the computing stack to better protect systems. It involves adding security to chips at the application space on critical system resources.