Nearly half of Brits (45 percent) swear at their PC when it slows down or freezes, according to PC Tools.

Research by the security firm revealed 25 percent of PC users experience feelings of stress and anxiety during a computer crisis. A quarter admitted they bang their mouse or keyboard to relieve the frustration while a third shout and scream.

Furthermore, 1.5 billion PC users admitted to kicking, punching or hitting their machine when they experience problems. PC Tools also said computer troubles had pushed some Brits to extreme measures such as smashing up their PC or even putting their laptop in a fish tank.

Slow-running programs or internet connections and PCs that take a long time to start up were named the main source of frustration for PC users. Nearly 10 percent of Brits claim their PC takes more than five minutes to boot. PC Tools says this totals more than one day per year PC users spend waiting to use their machine.

"It can be incredibly annoying when your PC lets you down," said Richard Clooke from PC Tools.

"Technology and the internet now play such a significant role in our day-to-day lives, when your PC isn't performing as well as it should it can have a huge impact."

However, anger management specialist Gill Bloxham said that while acting out in frustation makes you feel better, it rarely solves the problems.

"It's important you identify a solution to your problem," she said.

According to PC Tools, slow-running machines are often the result of malware. The security firm advised users to ensure their PC is protected by installing effective security software, as well as regularly deleting unused files and deleting a browser's internet history.

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