A group planning a cyberattack against CNN's website cancelled plans on Saturday citing widespread awareness of the attack.

"Our original plan for 19 April has been cancelled because too many people are aware of it and the situation is chaotic," wrote a group called 'Revenge of the Flame', according to a translation posted on the Dark Visitor Blog. "At an unspecified date in the near future, we will launch the attack."

Pro-China hackers had called for the attack in protest of the news network's coverage of Tibet, which they believe has been overly critical of China. Participants had been instructed to flood CNN's website with internet traffic in hopes of knocking it offline, something known as a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack.

Some had begun hitting the site ahead of the April 19 attack date.

On Friday CNN reported that it had been attacked on Thursday causing the site "to be slow or unavailable to some users in limited areas of Asia". The net effect of the attack was "imperceptible", CNN said.

Network monitoring company Arbor Networks observed that www3.cnn.com was hit with a minor 14-MB-per-second attack that lasted about 21 minutes, according to Danny McPherson, the company's chief research officer.