A PC Advisor poll of 1,568 site visitors has found that almost one in three (30.5 percent) back up valuable data on a daily basis - and a handful stated that they do so even more often that this.

Responding to the question 'How often do you back up valuable data on your PC?', forum member Fruit Bat /\0/\ commented: "If I'm working on important docs then I have them auto-save to an external drive every 10 mins."

KremmenUK added: "Every hour via SyncToy + every week via Win 7 Backup + every week via a manual SyncBack to a portable USB HDD... I think I'm covered."

A quarter of respondents (25.1 percent) answered 'Weekly', while 20.7 percent said they back up once a month.

Quickbeam admitted: "Usually at the beginning of the month... if I remember. This post has made me remember to."

"I do it on the first Sunday of each month but I know I should do it more often," said Colin. "It's a boring but really important job!"

A worrying discovery was that 15.8 percent of respondents 'rarely' back up valuable data, and 7.8 percent never do so.

"Only occasionally, mainly because I don't have valuable data to worry about," said spuds.

Based on 1,568 votes, 11 November 2010. Add your vote to the poll, or have your say in the PC Advisor forums.

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