Pastebin's owner has announced that the website is planning to take on more staff to monitor and deal with sensitive information.

The website wants to crack down on the dodgy material which is posted on the site, which previously only used a reporting system to flag it up. The news comes shortly after the announcement that Pastebin has reached 200,000 members.

Jeroen Vader, owner of Pastebin told the BBC: "I am looking to hire some extra people soon to monitor more of the website content, not just the items reported. Hopefully this will increase the speed in which we can remove sensitive information."

The site has been used to post material including email addresses, passwords and credit card details. The majority of which have been illegally acquired through hacking. Groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec have used the site to share details of leaks and hacks.

Vader also confirmed that he and Pastebin had been victim to attacks. "In the last three months not a single day has gone by that we didn't get some kind of DDOS [distributed denial of service] attack," said Vader.

"I do hear from people in the hackers community that many hackers like to test their DDOS skills on Pastebin." he added.