One in three UK PC users doesn't update their security software, says AVG.

A report compiled on behalf of the security firm by The Future Laboratory revealed those aged 18 to 34 are the most reckless age group when it comes to updating their security software, despite growing up with an awareness of digital threats. AVG believes if they continue to behave like this there's a chance that in the future a cybercrime disaster that affects not just personal users but also businesses and governments could occur.

Among the potential cybercrime disasters the security firm speculated could occur were car-jacking where hackers take control of a car's door locks, dashboard displays and brakes, as well as burglars that monitor your activities then reprogram your home security systems from afar.

AVG said the increase in the use of fake antivirus or 'Scareware' that fools a web into downloading and installing malicious software onto their machine by posing as anti-virus providers or other trusted sources has lead to a situation known as 'wetware', in which the weak link in the security chain is not the technology but rather the human user.

Furthermore, just 14 percent of web users are concerned about getting a virus on their smartphone.

"It's clear that cybercriminals are getting more and more sophisticated, not only in their programming but also in their methods. The idea that they're moving from utilising weaknesses in the software to attacking the 'wetware' is a disturbing one, and demands that we respond by improving people's awareness of these rogue programs so that they aren't so easily deceived," said author of the report, Dr Antonia Ward, from The Future Laboratory,

Earlier this year, the UK Cabinet Office estimated cybercrime costs businesses £21bn, consumers £3.1bn and the government £2.2bn every year. As a result it's set aside £63m to help fight cybercrime in 2011.

"It's increasingly evident that each unprotected individual makes us all vulnerable, so it's vital that as a global society we find ways to address this trend and ensure that we are protected together," added JR Smith, CEO of AVG Technologies