New Zealand personal cloud software start-up MyWave has been cited as a leading proponent of personal information management services (PIMS) in a new UK market report.

The report, by Crtl Shift, which specialises in analysing the personal information economy, estimates the PIMS market to be worth around $16.5 billion in the UK alone.

MyWave founder and CEO Geraldine McBride says the research is a strong endorsement of the MyWave approach. "It clearly states that a new market dynamic is emerging, focused on consumers controlling their own data."

More than 30 PIMS companies that use modern technologies to fill consumer value gaps were researched.

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In the foreword of the report, Sir Nigel Shadbolt, chairman and co-founder of the Open Data Institute and professor of artificial intelligence at the University of Southampton, says big changes are sweeping the world of data, with rich new sources coming onstream with social media, the Internet of things and open data.

He says the new PIMS will help individuals do with data what organisations have long done: "Use it to drive administrative efficiencies, identify patterns and trends, gain new insights, inform better decisions, and plan, organise, coordinate and orchestrate complex tasks and processes.

McBride says MyWave allows individuals to maintain control over their own data so they can better manage their day-to-day tasks and decision-making. "It turns the old world of customer-managed relationships on its head and places control in the hands of the consumer."