Symantec has launched a major upgrade for its Norton line of security software for Macs.

Norton Internet Security for Mac features a variety of security tools in one application, including traditional virus protection, a Firewall, and tools to help protect against spyware and identity theft.

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Many Mac users don't see many of these issues as problems for them because of the Macs reputation as being one of the most secure platforms. However, with the Mac becoming more popular among new users, it's a good idea to be aware and ready for any potential threats.

"You read so much about Windows threats and not so much about the Mac," Mike Romo, Symantec's Mac product manager, told Macworld US. "Our goal is to provide a tool to cover all the bases without scaring people."

In fact, with the Mac becoming more popular as a business computer these days is a good thing, but many companies absolutely require security software on all of their computers, according to Romo.

Norton Internet Security for Mac is also linked to Symantec's DeepSight Threat Management System, updating the firewall rules at least once a day to protect against the latest attacking IP addresses. This ensures that Mac users are protected on an ongoing basis without having to really think about many of the threats out there.

The new application combines the protection found in Norton AntiVirus 11 for Mac, Norton Confidential, and two-way firewall functionality.

Symantec says the application also protects against phishing websites, protecting your identity and protecting files against keyloggers and other types of eavesdropping applications.

Symantec also announced Norton Internet Security for Mac Dual Protection. This protects users running Boot Camp or other virtualization software.

Norton Internet Security for Mac and Norton Internet Security for Mac Dual Protection are available immediately for £39.99 and £49.99, respectively.