Milton Keynes residents tried to prevent the driver of a Google Street Car taking pictures for its Street View service.

Street View is an add-on to Google Maps and Google Earth that offers photographs of streets and cities and was launched in the UK last month. However the service has come in for much criticism after it was revealed a number of inappropriate images displaying police arrests and even a drunk man wearing antlers were available on the service.

The police were alerted after the residents of Broughton after residents staged the protest against the vehicle.

Thames Valley Police said: "A member of the public had called us to report that he, along with a number of others, were standing in the middle of the road preventing the car from moving forwards and taking photographs".

Local Councillor John Bint told the BBC: "When a scene is viewed from street level it is acceptable but this camera is intrusive because it can peer into gardens and into the windows of homes. That is a step too far and Google should stop taking pictures in this way".

Street View initially launched in the US in May 2007 and wasn't given the go-ahead in the UK until Google agreed to blur out the faces of people captured in the images. However, the campaign group Privacy International has complained to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) claiming it has seen at least 200 incidents where faces have not been blurred out.

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