Small businesses have a naïve attitude to PC security, according to anti-virus software manufacturer McAfee.

The security vendor said its research suggests that nearly one third of businesses have been attacked four or more times in the past three years. The survey also identified that 52 percent thought their company was too small to be noticed by criminals, while 46 percent also thought it was unlikely that cybercriminals could make money from an attack on their business.

Twenty-five percent of those polled also admitted that it took more than one week to recover from an attack while 42 percent of businesses claimed they have an hour or less to spend on security management. Forty-three percent also admitted they were running with the default settings on all IT equipment.

"Just because a business is small, it doesn’t mean it's immune to security threats," said Darrell Rodenbaugh, McAfee's senior vice president of the mid-market segment.

"For businesses of all sizes, viruses, hacker intrusions, spyware and spam can lead to lost or stolen data, computer downtime, decreased productivity, compliance issues, lost sales and even loss of reputation."

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