McAfee has launched its latest security software which uses face and voice recognition to retrieve sensitive documents from a secure online location.

McAfee (soon to be rebadged Intel Security), will deliver LiveSafe as a preinstall on select new HP consumer and commercial PCs.

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According to a company statement, it is the first cross-device security service that protects consumers' data, identity and all the PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets a user owns.

McAfee president, Mike DeCesare, said the world was entering a new age in computing where people expect to be able to work, play, invent, explore the digital world without fear.

"By helping keep all devices safe, we are empowering people to take advantage of all the amazing things this connected world has to offer."

It has also has a Personal Locker feature that uses face and voice authentication technology to retrieve a user's most sensitive personal information and sensitive documents, such as copies of passports and IDs, from a secure online location.

It also protects users from the latest online viruses and threats for each device and offers simplified and automated management of usernames and passwords; privacy protection for smartphone and tablets; and several additional security capabilities.