McAfee has given a $55,000 grant to a scheme that intends to create two cybercrime training courses for law enforcement agencies.

The security firm gave the grant to the Council of Europe for the 2CENTRE (Cybercrime Centres of Excellence Network for Training, Research and Education) scheme.

The training centres will be created at the University College Dublin in Ireland and Universite Technologique de Troys in France.

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They will focus on defining topics for masters and doctoral theses as well as promoting cybercrime as a formal research area.

The council also runs a global project that's working to marshal support for the Convention on Cybercrime, the only international treaty dealing with computer crime, in addition to educations efforts. The convention was adopted in 2001, and 47 countries have signed it.

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McAfee will also give the same amount to the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA), a professional organisation for US prosecutors. The funds will be used to offer an electronic training course for law enforcement, prosecutors and judges.

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