Six new partners have joined McAfee's technology partnering program, the Security Innovation Alliance (SIA).

The latest additions are Advanced Systems Product Group, Buguroo, CounterTack, Digital Authentication Technologies, GuruCul Solutions, and Whitebox Security.

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Ed Barry, vice president at the SIA, said the aim of the program is to simplify the integration and management of security products through the expertise of new and established vendors.

"Organisations continue to adapt their IT infrastructure to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape," he said.

"We often see diverse environments that utilize a wide range of security products which have been disparately deployed over the years."

The latest additions to the SIA come less than six months after six new partners joined the group.

McAfee has also bolstered the ranks of its SIA Sales Teaming Program with the inclusion of seven new partners.

BowBridge, Guidance Software, InfoReliance, nPulse Technologies, Raz-Lee Security, and Topia Technology will now have access more complete security solutions for enterprise customers through the SIA Sales Teaming Program.

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