Less than a quarter (24 percent) of Brits back-up files, including digital photos and videos, stored on their PC, says MyMemory.com.

Research by the online backup service revealed that of those that don't backup their data, more than half (52 percent) claimed it was because they do not know how to while 21 percent admitted they couldn't be bothered.

This is despite the fact that more than three quarters (76 percent) said they've previously lost files due to not backing up their data, with 57 percent of these admitting that losing digital photographs as part of these files had 'distressed' them. Furthermore, a third said they were upset because they'd lost important work documents.

Of those that do backup, online storage was the most popular method, cited by 41 percent while 36 percent say they use external storage devices.

"It can be incredibly distressing to realise that you've lost precious files from your computer, particularly if these involve work or treasured photographs. Most of our lives are stored on our computer in one way or another nowadays, yet computers are always at risk of losing files or crashing without explanation; taking with them your important files," said Rebecca Huggler, Co- Founder of MyMemory.com Backup

"Backing-up your files is more important than ever, as the more you store on your hard-drive; the more damage is done if something goes wrong. The fact that three quarters of those who took part in the study admitted to having lost files completely in the past, just goes to show how common an occurrence it is, and nowadays there really is no excuse for not protecting yourself. There are back-up solutions out there to suit everyone, so we'd urge anyone not to wait until it's too late!"