Top Gear presenter, mulleted braggart and professional ignorant Jeremy Clarkson recently told the world that the loss of CDs containing millions of people's personal data was a "storm in a teacup". Then he got ripped off for £500 in an internet scam. Priceless.

To 'prove' that, er, the theft of personal data isn't a problem, Clarkson printed his bank details in The Sunday Times. He even described his car and spelt out the process of finding someone's home address on the electoral roll.

So is, as our hero suggests, the fear of identity theft worse than the dangers therein? Well... it really depends on how much you like owning £500. Clarkson's details were quickly used to set up a £500 direct debit payable from his account to the British Diabetic Association. And £500 was swiftly transferred. That's right, I said £500.

Just as well too. Non-technical people are lax enough in terms of data protection without being told by 'celebrities' that data theft is, and I quote Clarkson: "A palaver about nothing." So a bit of celeb data fraud may be no bad thing.

We all have a duty to make life difficult for thieves, and most of us can't afford to spend half a grand finding out that complacency isn't cool.

"I was wrong and I have been punished for my mistake," says Clarkson. Yes, yes he was. Don't let the same thing happen to you.

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