The PC World (US) story "How Not to Spam Twitter: 5 Tips," posted on Friday, incorrectly stated that Twitter sued Adscend Networks.

The story has been corrected on the wire and the second sentence of the fourth paragraph has been deleted. That paragraph now reads:

The tools that Twitter objected to enough to sue include TweetAttacks, TweetAdder, and TweetBuddy, which act as tweet spam broadcasters. Unfortunately for these companies, the legal outcome doesn't matter at this point; Twitter has judged them and will likely have an issue with any business using them. If you happen to use any of these services, you'd be wise to discontinue, at least for now. This may have you questioning the validity of other tools that you use with Twitter. As with any social media service, use your instincts. If it feels spammy, like a service that claims to net you 100,000 followers overnight, it probably is.