Today we revealed that a man has been arrested and cautioned for stealing Wi-Fi broadband. Clearly, the man is an idiot and a crook, but as much as I detest his thievery, I can't help but have a certain amount of admiration for his cranky web-surfing methodology.

I mean, this bloke really wanted to get on the internet. Very early on a Saturday morning. The mind boggles as to where he wanted to surf (it can't have been the forums, as none of our members would be so dishonest. Or cretinous.)

And despite the fact that his idea of a disguise is to put cardboard up in his car windows and sit outside his neighbours' houses, he was savvy enough to hook up to someone else's connection. (I should probably point out at this stage that I once spent four hours trying to get on, er, my own Wi-Fi connection. But as bad as I am at wireless networking, I'm ace at disguises.)

My car was nicked once, by a bloke who proceeded to park it outside his own house two streets away, and then fall asleep. When a passing policeman knocked on the window, the thief proceeded to jump on to the back seat and try to break his way into the boot. As a consequence of the brilliant rental car I got to drive for a few weeks (and the fact that my actual car got a good service), I've always been a big fan of useless criminals.

Still, fair play to the neighbours for shopping him and the police for collaring him - nicking bandwidth is a shoddy thing to do, as anyone who has been a victim will know. And the sort of person who would steal a Wi-Fi connection is exactly the sort of person who should be fully traceable on the net. Throw the (note)book at him.