A pan-European system to notify SMBs (small and medium-size businesses) of IT security threats is a step closer today. Security experts from industry and academia met at a conference in Berlin today to refine plans for the EISAS (European Information Sharing and Alert System) at a conference in Berlin.

Conference attendees came from 27 European Union countries. They are considering how to distribute information about new threats across the EU (European Union), said Ulf Bergstrom, press officer for ENISA (the European Network and Information Security Agency). ENISA is the EU's computer security agency.

An interim feasibility study published today outlines several proposals for the EISAS system.

One EU proposal calls for a multilingual portal that collects and publishes security information from member countries. Another idea under consideration would have individual countries collecting security information and publishing it in their own language on websites, then feeding that information to other countries.

Further specifics on exactly how those scenarios would work are under discussion, Bergstrom said.

Bergstrom said the focus is on keeping the information as accessible as possible for end users and also in their own native language. Funding issues, including cost of translation, are also being discussed, he said. The delegates' input will be included in a final feasibility study, due for release later this month, Bergstrom said.

That study will be forwarded to the EC (European Commission), which will give its opinion before passing the report around September or October to the European Parliament and European Council for consideration, Bergstrom said.

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