The mobile phone number and home address of Vikram Pandit, the chief executive of Citigroup, have been placed on the web by hacking group CabinCr3w.

The hackers said in a statement online that they had accessed the data - which also included family information and some financial figures - and uploaded it online in response to events during the recent anti-bank protests on Wall Street.

"During Occupy Wall Street [protests], protesters had made way to CitiBank to withdraw their funds and close their accounts. They were met with strong police prescence [sic] and arrested," CabinCr3w wrote. "We as american citizens MUST have full control over our money and lively hood[sic].

"When this is taken away from us, what else do we have? So the CEO of CitiBank has blindly jumped into the sights of the CabinCr3w"

Pandit had offered to meet the protesters, and said he understood their concerns.

Citigroup, which posted a surprise 74 percent quarterly earnings jump yesterday, declined to comment on the data leak.

CabinCr3w has in the past placed the data of JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs chief executives on the web.

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