BullGuard today released Bullguard Internet Security 8.0.

BullGuard Internet Security 8.0 contains Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall and Spamfilter, as well as backup and integrated support. BullGuard Internet Security 8.0 is available immediately from www.bullguard.com.

The recommended retail price is £44.95 for a one-year subscription. Existing subscribers can upgrade for free - although they will have to pay the yearly subscription, of course. One Bullguard Internet Security 8.0 licence covers up to three PCs.

The latest version of BullGuard’s flagship product features a 5GB Online Backup Drive. Bullguard says it also features improved Firewall and Spamfilter engines. Bullguard Internet Security 8.0 can also access free email and chat support, with remote access to fix problems.

"With remote access, users can grant our supporters temporary access to their computers. This will enable our Support team to handle questions even more efficiently," said Theis Søndergaard, CTO and co-founder of BullGuard.

"BullGuard users remain in complete control however. It is up to them to initiate remote access and they can terminate it whenever they please."

"In 8.0, we’ve included Silent Backup as a feature. This will work when users are not actively using their computer, facilitating a smooth, uninterrupted user-experience," Søndergaard added.

As well as the 5GB online backup, users can secure data on local media. One-click backup is enabled for the Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Thunderbird email clients.

Bullguard Internet Security 8.0 integrates backup into Windows Explorer, to allow drag-and-drop transfer or files from and to the online drive.