Security software vendor BitDefender has released a new customisable antivirus product designed specifically for online gamers.

BitDefender GameSafe is a streamline security product designed to minimise system overheads by placing lower demands on processing power, memory and virtual memory.

The company says the package, which went on sale in the US earlier this year and is now available in the UK for £13, allows players to "maintain in-game responsiveness" and helps eliminate unscheduled interruptions. It does this by postponing automatic updates and scans, blocking alerts and killing pop-ups, among other things.

"Speed is a matter of life or (virtual) death for these guys, and since most conventional virus protection software can slow down processing performance, many players turn it off and play 'naked'," said BitDefender's chief technical officer, Bogdan Dumitru.

"Players who do this are exposing their systems to significant risks," said Dumitru. "This affects not only premier league players, who use high-end and very expensive computer systems, but also standard family PCs in the hands of forgetful teenagers."

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