Alex Shehata, owner of Australian Advertising & Marketing Network, has stopped sending unsolicited marketing emails promoting his online printing business, following an investigation by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in late 2013.

ACMA found that Shehata sent 69 unsolicited emails without consent. Australia's Spam Act requires all emails and SMS messages to be sent with the consent of the receiver.

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An ACMA spokesperson told Computerworld Australia that Shehata will not send marketing emails again until he adopts a "double opt-in" process.

"This is a two-stage system where a consumer opts-in to receiving emails and then confirms they wish to receive marketing messages, usually by responding to a message. Double opt-in can be a useful tool for businesses, as it provides assurance that potential customers really do want to receive their messages," the spokesperson said.

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If people receive marketing emails that may not comply with the Spam Act, they can report it to: [email protected] SMS span can be forwarded to the ACMA's spam SMS service mobile number: 0429 999 888.

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