Akamai Technologies has acquired the final portions of Prolexic Technologies in a deal to merge the two entities.

According to Akamai, the merger of the two companies creates a portfolio of security solutions designed to protect enterprise Web and IP infrastructure from Web-based attacks. The merged entities will work against application-layer, network-layer and data center attacks delivered via the Internet.

Akamai CEO, Tom Leighton, said, "Cyber-attacks are on the rise all over the world, with many resulting in significant economic or reputational damage to enterprises, governments, and end-users."

"With our acquisition of Prolexic now complete, we are excited to extend the value of our combined teams and offerings to online businesses across all industries. Our focus is to optimise and secure the 'entire IP experience,' Web or otherwise, and to provide an unparalleled layer of protection against the most sophisticated of attacks without sacrificing site or application performance."

Earnings of between $US426 and $US442 million were predicted for the first quarter of 2014 at Akamai's February 5 earnings call. The company predicts that the acquisition of Prolexic will increase first quarter revenue by $US7 to $US8 million.