More than half (54 percent) of travellers have work documents and sensitive data stored on a laptop they take on holiday with them, says Generator Hostels.

Research by the hostel chain revealed that half of those that take laptops with sensitive data on their travels admitted they do so because they are worried about leaving their laptops at home, in case they get stolen. Furthermore, a third of holidaymakers believe the laptop is an important travel essential as it helps them stay in touch with friends and family.

However, Generator Hostels warned holidaymakers that by using unsecured wireless networks and their laptops to log on while abroad, they're putting the sensitive corporate data stored on the machines at risk.

Eric Van Dijk, managing director at Generator Hostels, said: "Travellers need to be more aware of the potential data security breaches they risk by logging onto unsecure networks while travelling.

Dijik warned travellers to and only use secure networks based in their accommodation or at recommended local Internet cafes.

"While we don't suggest you should let work spoil your holiday, we wouldn't want any of our guests getting into hot water with their boss by having to tell them they've lost corporate data at the end of a trip."

The research also highlighted that nearly two thirds (65 percent) of holidaymakers said they'd be more concerned if they lost their passport, rather than their laptop, while travelling.

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