A PC Advisor poll has found that 30.3 percent of respondents believe accused NASA hacker Gary McKinnon should not face trial.

In a particularly close-run survey, the most popular answer to the question 'What should happen to Gary McKinnon' was 'He should be tried in the UK', which was picked by 34 percent.

"I think we should stop extraditing our subjects to the States until they agree to start extraditing their citizens over here for trial," commented forum member Dark Mantis.

"He should be dealt with by a British court. He should not get off scot-free as he was out of order, but banging him up for endless years in the USA is OTT," wrote sunnystaines.

Meanwhile, 28 percent plumped for 'He should be extradited to the US'.

fourm member argued: "If he'd agreed to the extradition and done a plea bargain with the US, which they would have happily done, this would have been over years ago. I don't doubt that there is a certain vulnerability in his personality but I think it's outrageous that people have, in effect, egged him on by suggesting he did little or nothing wrong."

But 30.3 percent chose the answer 'He shouldn't be tried at all'.

daytimers82 wrote: "I'm sure he has learnt his lesson. I think he's been detained long enough. Maybe NASA could employ [him as a] computer security specialist, [explaining] how he hacked into their systems, and how they could in future protect those systems from further attacks."

The remaining 7.7 percent selected 'Don't know'.

Based on 465 votes, 28 July 2010. Cast your vote here, or join the discussion on PC Advisor's forums.